ESET Website Review & Ratings + ESET Coupons
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ESET Website Review & Ratings + ESET Coupons

ESET: Products & Services

ESET is a software manufacturer that designs antivirus and anti-malware software for consumer and business uses.  Their software is not memory-intenstive, which means that it does not use valuable and important processing resources to be a functional and effective tool against computer viruses and spyware, and malware intrusions and infiltrations. 

The ease of acquisition of the ESET NOD32 antivirus/anti-malware software makes it a reasonable alternative to more memory invasive products that offer the same protection.

ESET has even used some forethought and provided another module in with their antivirus software that will ensure that if your electronic device is ever stolen, you can recover it because they have integrated anti-theft into their product.

ESET: Company Background

ESET has been in the business of eradicating viruses for 26 years. Their company is one of the pioneers in antivirus and computer security solutions. ESET has a world-wide footprint in the market and is trusted by companies and private consumers alike.  

Computer viruses became a problem as far back as 1987 when a pair of young men who were computer program enthusiasts discovered "Vienna", the first computer virus. They took it upon themselves to write code that would detect this intruder and antivirus software was born. Soon after "Vienna", more viruses became apparent, too. The discovery of these early viruses gave birth to the idea in these two programmers to create a program that could grow and advance in the detection of viruses.

Since the beginning of ESET's life, integrity in product has always been a high priority. Eset's philosophy is to bring honesty, responsibility, and reliability from their company to their customers. Using these honorable traits in conjunction with continued innovation, ESET has stayed true to their mission while continuously improving their product for the public and private consumer.

Being a leader in proactive detection of viruses and malware, ESET has a large stake in the improvement of computing across the world as a leader in technology advancements.

ESET: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most reviews indicate ease of installation when a single license has been purchased. The features that come standard are easy to work with and the advanced features are available for technologically savvy customers.

One less than positive report concern is when multiple licenses have been purchased. The concern involves the secondary method of installing subsequent software into computers after the first one.  ESET has been noteworthy for not utilizing a lot of computer resources, keeping them free for other more intense purposes.

The features that are provided make reviewers happy and they put them at the top of their class of antivirus and computer security software.  

The overall impression of ESET software suites is positive with only minimal concerns that seem to be overcome by the positive results of having this service installed.

ESET: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

ESET is world-renowned for its efficiency and reliability.  The company has received awards from many high-level international technology reviewers.

They received accolades from Deloitte for both Fast 500 EMEA and Fast 50 CE in the international markets of Europe, Middle East and African regions of the world.  ESET has maintained their ranking in the top 50 since 2002.

ISO 9001 has awarded ESET with a certificate of compliance from Slovak Association for Quality and Management Systems.

Slovak also awarded a certificate to ESET for ISO 27001 and gold Exclusive for their compliance and affordability as well as social development actions.

Their ratings have been above average to excellent in many international ratings and certification organizations for years proving their responsibility to the public and their striving for exellence.

ESET: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Google does not list ESET in their top page when searching for antivirus software; they show up third on page 2 of the Google search.  However, they do rate higher in Google when included in listing services for antivirus software.

Bing gave me similar results, with ESET falling short of the first page of results.  However, Yahoo! had ESET listed in the third spot on the first page.

Looking at less popular websites, does not show ESET in their list of antivirus solutions when searching for antivirus software.

For the most part, ESET is not in the top 5 or 10 listed but it is not difficult to locate when searching for the company name, with many opportunities to read reviews and find the applications.

ESET: Social Media Presence

ESET has found their way into the popular social media sites.  Facebook has several ESET groups and their presence is international with hundereds of thousands of followers of their products in 15 separate groups.  

I also found a healthy presence of ESET when I searched on Twitter.

It came to a surprise that ESET did not have a presence on a professional networking site:  LinkedIn.  Searching for both ESET and NOD32 produced zero results.

Manta is another professional business web site that provides service information on small businesses.  ESET is listed as ESET, LLC but their information is vague and not expressely descriptive.  At the bottom of their Manta page, they briefly mention their antivirus services.

In all, I find that their social media presence is much more prevalent than their professional presence on the internet.

ESET: Website Security & Safety

The basic web site can be written directly into the address bar and it comes up with no inclusion of http://.

However it is important to note that the moment that the client or potential customer visits a page that would require personal or private input the address bar immediately changes to include https://.

Using the Google diagnostics site tool provided information on which indicated that no malicious content has been disseminated from this web source in at least the past 90 days.  It has not hosted any virus or malware that could be transferred to internet connected computers. The site is not considered to be suspicious.

ESET: Pricing & Packages

Comperable to other antivirus software, the $39.95 single purchase price makes this protection affordable. When ESET includes antivirus, network security, anti-malware, and theft protection, this nominal fee becomes an even more reasonable investment.

In addition, as a client chooses to purchase more licenses, the cost per computer is reduced.  A license for 3 computers is reduced to $59.95, or just uner $20.00 per computer installed.

If the customer chooses to purchase protection for more than one year, the savings are even greater.

ESET: Shipping Rates & Policies

ESET NOD32 is downloadable from the web site.  Once the software is purchased an email is sent to the email provided during ordering.  A link to the download is included in the email.

Once the first computer has been installed with the license number an email will be sent to the installer with information on how to install that software using another access license number.

In addition, hard copies of the ESET software can be ordered from the company to have on hand at your facility or home.

ESET: Payment Methods Accepted

The only option available for payment is credit card.  After being directed to a secure server, the information requested is name, company name, email, and password. 

When the customer moves to the next page he is met with a brief form to include billing and shipping information as well as credit card information.

There is no alternative offered beyond credit card.  PayPal and pay by checking account options are not available through the web site.

ESET: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

ESET NOD32 has a reasonable return/refund policy that includes full refund of money collected. It is good to note that it takes up to 30 days for your refund to be returned to your credit card.

The customer has the option of downloading a free trial version of the software before purchasing to ensure that it will fulfill the needs of the individual or the customer. This is recommended due to the slow refund policy of the company.

There is no information other than this on their return policy when perusing the web site's features.

ESET: Product images & screenshots
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Get Free home user licenses with select purchases @ ESET
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